Walker Signum 250
2020 season

hobby caravan awning

The Signum meets the new standard for design and colours. The fresh anthracite/ice-blue colour scheme in combination with its innovative design characterizes the new Signum. The roof and walls are made of high quality coated Ten Cate polyester. The Signum is 250 cm deep and has a five piece design which is simple to erect and dismantle. The Signum is available with a choice of steel, alloy, or fibreglass frame.

Depth: 250 cm
Roof: Ten Cate coated polyester
Walls: Ten Cate coated polyester: 240 g/m2
Frame: Steel
From size 900 cm, 2 extra support poles
From size 990 cm, 2 extra front legs
Sizes: Up to 1175cm.
Optional: aluminium with Easy-PowerGrip or glassfibre frame
Ventilation: in the ridge to the front and in 1 sidewall
Panels: all panels can be rolled down or zipped out
Weight: size 900 cm approx. 36 kg
Easy-Setup lock pads: included!
Draught cloth + wheel arch cover: included!
Fits aerodynamic shaped caravans